Elizabeth Villa


Hi everyone, My name is Elizabeth Villa currently living in Los Angeles California. I am a dedicated parent and advocate.

I am currently working with advocacy groups to help support youth impacted by the child welfare and juvenile justice system. I aim to continue with school and become a mentor for foster youth. My future goal is to stay connected with Policy and legislative work and continue my Advocacy journey. It is essential to advocate for the needs of youth, people of different ethnicity, and lower incomes communities who are constantly impacted by laws.

This Project is important to me because I was a foster youth with a child and no guidance, no support, no understanding, and no resources. I joined the CARES project to advocate for youth impacted by the Child welfare and juvenile justice systems and push the need for change.

CARES understands the Urgent needs of older youth transitioning out of care. The understanding of having access to housing, resources, higher education, support within the family or community, and Mental health. The real struggle comes when you leave a system that does not fully educate youth about life challenges.



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